21-Day Challenge Press Release

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Denver Fitness expert challenges the fitness community to produce ‘real results’ as 2018 resolutions are in full swing –

‘Guaranteed results in 21 days or your money back’.

Denver, CO – January 1, 2018 – Denver fitness expert, Justin Roome, today issued a challenge to gym chains and fitness professionals to produce ‘real results’ to their clients or offer a full refund on memberships for those who fail to see a measurable return on the investment of their time, effort, and money.

In a dramatic break from fitness industry standard practice, Roome has taken the bold step of putting his money where his mouth is. Clients can now sign up for personal training sessions provided by Roome and his staff of professional personal trainers with no risk, other than the risk of attracting too much attention as a result of their newfound fit frame and self confidence. Specifically, Roome is so sure that you will benefit from his personal training within 21 days that he has laid down the following guarantee:

‘A full refund of all new client fees if they are not a minimum of one clothing size smaller within 21 days.’

Yes, that’s right. A no risk fitness solution to start your new year! Roome, the owner and head trainer at Edge Fitness based in Denver said “The fitness industry has long benefited off of the desire of our clients to get fit, look good, feel confident, and lose weight. I have confidence in the clients of Edge Fitness and I believe in the professional trainers that we have working alongside our clients. That’s why I am so excited to announce this challenge. I know that this demonstration of our absolute faith in our clients is going to skyrocket them toward the results they want!

He continued “If you think that you are beyond help, we want to come alongside you on your journey. A guarantee is just the thing to inspire confidence, set you up to win and let the general public know that we care as much about our clients results as we do about our bottom line.”

With the New Year just beginning and resolutions in full swing, maybe this break from the norm will lead some people to change their life and their health and maintain it for the long haul.

*In order to be eligible for the refund guarantee, the client must commit to 3 Sessions per week (minimum) and give 100% effort for the duration of the 21 days. This means that all sessions are attended for the full duration, maximum effort is given, and all advice from trainer is followed (including Nutrition and Workout recommendations). 

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